Fatherhood 101 by Richard Quisenberry

Written by on November 1, 2023

No two people will see it the same. It is a set of values, traits, lessons and beliefs that we must dabble with to try and find a style or approach to being a good father, successful father, caring father or a strict father. How does someone find the correct parenting style to fit their children? Is this what fatherhood should be about? 

There is no handbook for parenting that would fit most households anywhere. Have you heard the saying “People don’t know what they don’t know.” I do know that people will do what they see. Even more so if they see something consistent. 

The opportunity to run a number of young men’s groups such as My Brother Keeper has been a passageway to coaching many individuals on how to use their voice to express what they would like to be taught in life. 

A Fatherless Curiosity is an amazing book that I had the privilege to write in collaboration with 19 other men who also take time to share the beauty and challenge of fatherhood. 

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