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Grow Your Leadership Influence

Unique Proposals specializes in educational leadership services for teachers, district leaders, and principals. Developing the vision, the language, and the tools to observe, analyze, and lead for high-quality instruction in every classroom.




(Build Y​our Own Professional Development) 

Unique Proposals will take the time to create personalized programming that targets the needs of your district, its schools, and the individuals that study and work within it. Our goal is to go beyond just having an event, to actually partnering with you to build a culture of unbelievable educators, students, and leaders.  

Nonviolent Crisis Intervention 

CPI Specialized Offering 

Nonviolent Crisis Intervention (NCI) training is perfect for primary caregivers, educators and human service professionals who directly intervene in crisis situations, teaching staff de-escalation techniques as well as restrictive and nonrestrictive interventions. 

• Benefits of Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Training
• Recognize & Respond to Crisis
• Safe Physical Intervention
• Evidence-Based & Fully Accredited 


One on One Teacher Development 

One weekly 60 min session (In person, Zoom, FaceTime, or phone call) A customized program designed to help individuals create habits and a system of intentional living that leads to success in multiple areas of life. All individual programs are for a period of 6 months or one year long. 

Small Group Leadership Training 

 This program is designed for 10 to 20 people. Sessions are between 30 and 60 minutes long. 

Our Focus: Strategies and principals that identify natural leadership abilities and tendencies. It is vital for leaders to become consciously aware of their ‘why’, and how they choose to influence everyday, modeling behaviors that are consistent and empowering.  

Mastermind Group

(Becoming a Pe​rson of Influence)

A JOHN MAXWELL program that clarifies the different levels of influence that leaders can achieve. This course digs deep into how influence is developed over time through meaningful interaction that often changes lives or leads to a different way of thinking. Remember your influence is not equal with all people. This is one of many different mastermind groups we will be offering to our customers. 

Leadership Services
for your school system

Unique Proposals specializes in educational leadership services for teachers, district leaders, and principals.

School Leadership

Provide your staff the opportunity to go beyond their current abilities

District Leadership

Develop a leadership culture to build learning agility at all levels.


The Power of One
Communicating and Collaboration with one another as a unit

Unique Proposals specializes in educational leadership services for teachers, district leaders, and principals.

"Informative, Interactive, Interpersonal"

An informative interactive speaking session designed to inspire and inform staff and administration about the importance of leadership.

A look inside…

Professional Speaker, Richard Quisenberry speaks on combining personal passion and leadership in a way that goes beyond mere success. By finding like-minded people and putting them first, you can make a difference in their lives and create a united effort that leaves a lasting positive impact. Learn how to attract people to your cause, articulate your vision, and add value from your sweet spot. Using his personal story of how he became a recognized coach and educator in his community, Quis shows you how to lead others according to your own purpose and create a lasting legacy.

A team of like-minded individuals that empower other's creativity and uniqueness

Unique Proposals- About Us

When it’s done right, educational leadership development transforms individuals, teams, organizations, and communities. Leadership development, effective communication, and motivating is ALL we do – and we do it right. As our clients will confirm, we also do it much better than everyone else. We are proud to say our expertise drives measurable and enduring results.

Our Goal Is To Help People To Write The Story They Would Love To Tell

Our Mission Is To
Create a team of like-minded individuals that empower other's creativity and uniqueness.


Trust yourself and trust the process


Connecting with others


Believing in your dreams

Open Mindedness

Always have an open mind and a nonjudgmental heart