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Quisenberry Enterprise

is a combination of diverse programs designed to excite and unite every person with whom they hope to become and all that they desire to create. 

We are helping multiple individuals to remove barriers that they have been dealing with in every season of life. ​​​We educate and coach others on how to remove each individual brick from the walls that have hindered your progress, derailed your plans and interrupted your journey in life.

Programs Offered

Unique Proposals


Our objective is continued professional and personal growth for all employees.
* Relationship Building
* Communication Enhancement
* Collaboration Expansion

Inspiring The Uniqueness
of others 

We specialize in delivering quality recruitment information to families and athletes. Our college preparation process and student athlethic programs are unique in teaching ways to master the recruiting process.


(Build Y​our Own Professional Development) 

Nonviolent Crisis Intervention 
CPI Specialized Offering  


One on One Teacher Development 

Small Group Leadership Training 

Mastermind Group (Becoming a Pe​rson of Influence)

A JOHN MAXWELL program that clarifies the different levels of influence that leaders can achieve. This course digs deep into how influence is developed over time through meaningful interaction that often changes lives or leads to a different way of thinking. Remember your influence is not equal with all people. This is one of many different mastermind groups we will be offering to our customers.

Wobbly Willie Organization


To inspire, educate, and motivate individuals to understand that kindness matters.We want to empower individuals with the tools and support to bo​​ost each person’s confidence, while being prescribed new ways of embracing others differences and administering kindness.


Excitement and Fun 

Speaking Engagements

Meet Wobbly Willie Cranford 

This informative and inspiring visit will leave you ready to spread kindness with everyone!

For more services or customized services please email us at