IF we don’t make assumptions, but have the courage to ask respectful questions, we become a part of the solution. 

Coach Richard Quisenberry

Life Coach | Educator | Team Builder | Author 

A leader who is passionate about empowering people to grow and work together to bring positive, lasting change in both themselves and the world. 

His experiences built around faith, family, students, and athletes, assist Coach Quis in providing encouragement and easy tools equipping people to take the initiative to develop both personally and socially. Through Coach Quis’ guidance, vital connections grow between individuals. People become inspired to design lifetime goals that build a legacy through bettering themselves and the world around them. 

Educator Andrea Quisenberry

To inform, inspire, and ignite others is Andrea Quisenberry’s goal. She is committed to educating students, colleagues, families, and the community through establishing strong connections. She has always had a passion for people, cultures, social injustice, and equity. Andrea earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology and Sociology from Wittenberg University (1994), a Master’s in Education from Antioch McGregor (2010), and a Relationship Life Coach Certification (2023).

Make Change Happen!

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Bianca Quisenberry – Project Coordinator

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“Do all you can, with what you have, where you are.” – Theodore Roosevelt

Bianca Quisenberry has been with Quisenberry Enterprise since its founding in 2018.

With an MS in Operation Management and BA in Digital Media from The University Cincinnati, She has served various roles through the growth of Quisenberry Enterprise over the years and now serves as our Lead Project Coordinator. Bianca’s strong understanding of the company’s mission and has a hand in overseeing the day to day operations for Quisenberry Enterprise. Being involved with the company since its inception has offered Bianca the exciting opportunity to assist in the development of different divisions of the company.

Bianca’s responsibilities at Quisenberry Enterprise range from helping build websites to planning company events. She thrives in organizing and creating a space for businesses to be successful without having to worry about the small details.

Biana explains why she enjoys her work at Quisenberry Enterprise:

“Everyone who interacts with Quisenberry Enterprise leaves with a feeling of a greater sense of purpose and a broader perspective of the world. This company focuses on the relationship with the client that gives unique experiences. When you can create an individualized experience for people, they have a deeper connection to the brand and therefore are more likely to return.”

Malik Quisenberry – Media and Art Director

“You don’t become confident by shouting affirmations in the mirror, but by having a stack of undeniable proof that you are who you say you are (…)” – Alex Hormozi

Malik Quisenberry has been with Quisenberry Enterprise since its founding in 2018. He attended Heidelberg University before graduating from University of Cincinnati.

Malik’s work and experience with photography, cinematography, and technical equipment brings value to Quisenberry Enterprise, because it gives him the background needed for his responsibilities as Quisenberry Enterprise’s Media and Art Director.

From the company logo to website design, he creates and implements the overall visual aspects of the company’s print media and web presence.

Of his work with Quisenberry Enterprise, Malik says, “I believe that by joining Quisenberry Enterprise you’ll be part of a team with great people who want to see each other succeed and grow!”

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