Maximize your Administration Leadership

Unique Proposals specializes in educational leadership services for teachers, district leaders, and principals. Developing the vision, the language, and the tools to observe, analyze, and lead for high-quality instruction in every classroom.

Provide your staff an opportunity for growth beyond their expectations.

Our School Leadership provides staff the opportunity to go beyond their current abilities. Our approach creates broader opportunities using a proven process based on member relationships, shared experience, and interpersonal awareness. Team leadership engagements are lead by Richard’s consulting framework and are customized to achieve the organization’s specific needs and desired outcomes. This offers organizations the intimate coordination, collaboration, and creative thinking needed to address complex issues.

Building Relationships

Communicating with others to better understand the challenges you face.

Shared Experience

Connect with others to exchange your ideas and knowledge.

Being Aware

Becoming aware of those around you and your surroundings by networking with others.

Develop a leadership culture through education, conversation, and observation.

Today’s educational organizations are often treading water in a sea of continuous change, uncertainty, and unprecedented challenges. Business strategy is your road map to navigate to success, but leadership is the engine that powers the journey. Developing a leadership culture builds learning agility at all levels, giving organizations the necessary resiliency to face challenges that come along.

A leadership culture maximizes a leader’s time by using certain strategies to focus on the individual’s needs. Leadership coaching doesn’t just take place in the classroom, but in the workplace—every day.


Expanding your knowledge and understanding


Getting to know someone else's story.


Taking time to observe and understand others.

Leadership Development Topics

Our leadership development interventions are designed and delivered with your leaders in mind. We work on and with the leadership competencies, you particularly want to develop. Find out more about the full range of leadership services.

Communicating and ​Collaborating with one another to find common ground.

Personal Growth
When you work on you, everyone benefits.